About us

Hi there, we're Dr. Mariam Chaalan and Dr. Rob McLeod.

As doctors, we know how important it is to introduce common food allergens early on, but as parents, we also know how challenging and overwhelming it can be. We understand the questions that come with starting allergens: Which allergens do I introduce? How much? How often? When? 

That's why we created Taste Bubs – to take the guesswork out of introducing allergens and to give parents the confidence to introduce their little ones to the seven most common food allergens as early as possible. It's nutritious, safe, and as easy as one sachet a day. Our vision is to give parents the knowledge and products to give their kids the best start in life.

It all started one summer evening in 2022, when we were discussing how we counsel parents on introducing common food allergens to their kids. We shared stories about how much anxiety it causes our patients’ families and the lengths they go to make themselves feel comfortable giving allergens for the first time. Even parking in front of the hospital! We knew there had to be a better way, and that’s when we came up with the idea for Taste Bubs.

We dove headfirst into research and development, testing every powdered allergen available to find the purest, most nutritious, and sustainable ingredients possible. With the help of a renowned food technologist named Rumbi Chigiga, who also has food allergies, we finally found our perfect mix of ingredients. We then went through the process of packaging, shipping, third-party logistics, branding – to pull together this Australian-first product.

It's been a long journey, but we're thrilled with the outcome. We hope we’ve made it easier for parents to introduce allergens to their little ones, and we're proud to say that Taste Bubs is making that possible.

Early introduction to the 7 most common allergens.