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Mother's Group Discount Bundle - x6 Allergen Starter Packs + Dr Q&A

Mother's Group Discount Bundle - x6 Allergen Starter Packs + Dr Q&A

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The Allergen Starter Pack is an Australian-first, easy 4-week cycle program to introduce the most common food allergens to your baby. Reduce the risk of food allergies with easy, regular and early introduction.

As a special offer for Mother's Groups across Australia:

- Save 10% when you bundle 6 packs, PLUS

- Includes a free 30 minute video responding to your pre-asked questions from our Doctor Founders about introducing solids and allergens to babies for your Mother's Group

Curious to learn more about Taste Bubs? Check out our FAQs or contact us

What's in the box

28 sachets containing the seven most common food allergens:

  • 4x Almond Powder Sachets
  • 4x Cashew Powder Sachets
  • 4x Walnut Powder Sachets
  • 4x Peanut Powder Sachets
  • 4x Soy Powder Sachets
  • 4x Egg Powder Sachets
  • 4x Sesame Seed Powder Sachets

Directions for use

  • The Taste Bubs program can be started any day of the week, and we recommend you commence when your baby is of generally good health
  • You can start at any time of the day, though it’s recommended you start in the morning as that’s typically when babies are most eager to eat their solids!
  • Empty a whole, single sachet and mix the allergen powder fully through any age-appropriate serve of baby food (purée, mash, cereal etc), or alternatively into bottle milk/formula. Note: there is no sequence in which the sachets should be given, but we advise you serve the 7 allergens over approximately 7 days before starting the cycle again. The powder can be served heated within the meal or cool.
  • Ideally your baby consumes as much of the meal with the Taste Bubs allergen powder as possible, however if they do not you can either try and serve the same meal later (if it’s been appropriately kept/ refrigerated of course!), or continue with a new sachet and meal combination the next day as there are 4 serves of each allergen in the box and 28 sachets in total to account for wastage and repeated exposure.
  • The full course of allergens (28 sachets) is ideally given to your baby over approximately 28 days, with your bub experiencing each allergen at least once. We recommend repeatedly exposing your bub to the allergens in Taste Bubs and to continue for a minimum of 4 months in order to reduce the risk of them developing a food allergy.

Product Development

In 2015, how we think about allergies changed forever. The LEAP Study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that early and regular peanut consumption achieved an 81% reduction in the prevalence of peanut allergy at 5 years of age.

By 2016 clinical guidelines changed all over the world. Including our own Australian Guidelines. The current best practice guidelines recommend introducing all of the common food allergens by 12 months of age. Introducing one allergen at a time. Here at Taste Bubs we’ve done the research for you, so you can take the guesswork out of allergen introduction.

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